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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions to help you get started.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions!

1. What is required before I attend my first class? Let us know you are joining us for the first time, and we will send you a welcome email with all the essential information you will need! For instance, the health questionnaire and information on the booking system, training location and equipment. You must complete a health questionnaire before attending class. This lets us get to know you better and meets our insurance requirements. We kindly ask you to submit the health questionnaire 48 hours prior to the start of class so we have time to review it and discuss any points with you. You will use our booking system to reserve and pay for your place in class or a studio session.

2. What should I wear? We recommend wearing comfortable, stretchy clothing preferably with a plain, flat waistband. Avoid zippers, belts, pockets, hoodies, thick seams or other embellishments that can cause you discomfort and/or damage the equipment. We suggest wearing close fitting tops or tops that easily tuck in since some exercises involve inversion. Bare feet are strongly advised, as not only better for you to feel the connection to the floor, but also you are less likely to slip. If socks are required, non-slip socks with individual toes are strongly advised. You must not walk around the training location barefoot if you have verrucae or similar foot complaints. Please wear suitable socks or indoor flip-flops. Any socks are worn at your own risk. We suggest you tie back long hair, and this is a requirement when working on studio apparatus and equipment. Finally, please consider the jewelry you wear as certain items can cause you discomfort and/or damage the equipment. More information can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

3. Why do I need my own mat and hand towel? This has become an insurance recommendation since the pandemic to ensure the cleanliness of equipment in group classes. In private studio sessions we have time to clean all the equipment between appointments. We recommend you use a 10mm thick mat for your comfort during exercises involving high kneeling, side lying and rolling through the spine. A simple hand towel is an amazingly easy prop to add assistance and resistance to your training. Visit our Shop for equipment recommendations.

4. What if I cannot attend some classes during the 4-week block, but I do not want to lose my space in the class? Class numbers are limited in order to ensure a high level of observation and correction. Bookings are subject to availability. Participants booked into the current block with a course ticket will be given an exclusive booking window to reserve their space in the next block. In the event of a full class with a waitlist, you must book a course ticket within this exclusive booking window to maintain your reserved space in the class. All reasonable attempts will be made to provide you with supplementary training solutions if all course ticket dates cannot be attended. For instance, where available you may be able to use your extra block credit in another class in essence “doubling-up” one week. Please contact us as soon as possible as these exceptions are managed on an individual review basis and Bee Charis is under no obligation to grant such requests. More information can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

5. Why do I need to resubmit my health questionnaire each year? The health questionnaire must be updated every 12 months to ensure we regularly connect on your health and to meet our insurance requirements. New clients complete the health questionnaire before attending their first class, and all clients are asked to complete the health questionnaire in January before classes commence in the new year for our internal review and audit purposes. For example, a new client first joining our classes in December would be asked to complete the form in December and then again in January along with all our other existing clients.

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