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Bee Charis was established in 2023 by Lisa Peelo.

Charis (pronunciation:  CARE-iss) is a Greek word meaning KINDNESS, GRACE and GOODWILL.  Lisa believes these behaviors are essential for oneself and the community in which we live together.

Bee Charis offers high-quality Pilates training where participants can plan time in their day to show kindness, grace and goodwill towards themselves, and then carry forward these gestures with family, friends and others in the community.

Lisa Peelo

Founder and Principal Instructor

“For me, Pilates is how I unlock my power – both physical and mental.  It helps me find love and trust in my body and my abilities in order to be my best self.”

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About Me

Originally from Chicago, I began practicing Pilates there 20 years ago as part of my marathon program’s “stretch & strengthen” training days.  Pilates not only benefitted my running and active lifestyle, but it also helped me better manage the stress of my global management role at a large international corporation.

A life-long learner and teacher, I qualified as a Pilates instructor at JPilates, an industry-leading Pilates educator providing research-based face-to-face teacher training.  I am continuing my professional development working towards full comprehensive qualifications in all Pilates apparatus and attending regular workshops.

I love my job as a Pilates teacher and enjoy an ever-increasing client base, offering a variety of classes that suit a full range of clients and capabilities.  My authentic training style strikes a balance between Pilates original roots and a creative and evolved approach I have learned over time.  Each session will help you feel more in control of your own body – where your mind controls your body rather than the other way around – working on the stretch-and-strength mobility that is at the heart of Pilates.

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